The Day I Ate 25 Fire Sauces... bad idea

ok, so, lmao...
biked to school today, dads following his own rules. Nisha still had my lock, so stephan locked my bike. Justin show up... he have the goods we had him get from china town. butane and stephans stupid scorpion lighter... wtf, lmao
haha, awesome, i finally learned something in 0 period (oxidation number of molecules is simple subtraction, lmfao). Printed english homework in first cuz for some reason my printer didnt work. Also, I couldnt figure something out so i made a fool of myself.
2nd period... omg, mr fogle HATES me and chaz. we berely whisper and hes like "you talk too much". ugh, hes stupid too. every single day he indirectly insutls the class, and the test was fucked up today.
First, he thinks hes the only teacher that lets you study right before the teast... actually all my teachers have so far... hes trying to make himself look nice.
the test: soo many of the questions were horribly worded... i was able to get past all but one... which had me thinking for minutes cuz of the way it was worded. it said 2 before zero, which was confusing cuz it meant it waited 2 before reaching 0... so yea
spanish: i talked about my weekend 2 get points... we finished our presentations...
walked around the buliding on the outsied instead of the outside... ppl walked right past me, even tho i yelled out a name, i felt GREAT.
4th period: um... i lent out $5 and i need to remember to get paid back... one way or another
lunch: got my lock back and saw a really good study sheet for my chem test... damn parhum for not giving it to me. lmfao, "its qays... ewwwww" (alyssa, cuz i disturbed her yesterday)
then tari walked by my table like 4 times... still wondering wtf, lmao, but anyway
5th period: we got a lecture on cuts, then got to swim... i pulled a muscle in my left leg.... omfg it hurt
6th period: turned in homework which for once i did... read my book most of class... joined in discussion a bit... then school over, yay!

Only A Preview...

fire sauce... mmmm. burns on the way in... KILLS ON THE WAY OUT
not the 25 i ate today, but ya get the idea (thats about 10 packets in the pic) Posted by Hello



mr fogle staring at the tv being dumb... shauns just there... lol. Posted by Hello




with tom on our way back from palm springs, but hey, hooters, lol
I want these girls... I WANT them (not including tom) Posted by Hello


lamborghini.... *drools*

lamborghini.... *drools*
I want this car... lol, and lamberghini16 (a joke, if u get it good, if u don't o well lol)Posted by Hello