the cockroach documentary - Google Video

HAHAHAHA, girls are sooo scared of cock roaches

this is a stupid video result that came up when i searched google video for cockroaches. yea, why the heck was I searching for that? Cuz a friend whos doing a Science Research project on them wanted videos... lol

Read more at video.google.com/videop...


The Chat Hideout - powered by vBulletin


Go here, join and post!

It's an active forum and lets you talk about anything, REALLY!

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Linux commands

As I am migrating to Linux and now programming my server, this happens to be my most visited and helpfull page on the Web.  If you are looking into linux console commands, go!

BTW: if you want to dip your feet only, id reccomend Fedora Core 4 from fedora.redhat.com

Read more at www.ss64.com/bash/


ahhh! i have been using personalized home from google forever, but now... with the customizable modules, I'm making little widgets here and there for it!

my new widgets will be published on my site soon!

Read more at www.google.com/ig



I must add.... lol, sad america

wow... when the how to of the day is this... be afraid

MI6... or SIS

They finaly have a website! It opened Wednesday according to slashdot, hah!

So its SIS not MI6... ah well, it would be insulting to call it SIS... lmfao, poor brits



im in istanbul right now on the internet in a caffe thingy with the laptop
were having a great time, we took lots of tours which is unusual for us cuz we usually go by ourselves, but im glad
we dont speak the language and would get lost... and we met a really nice guy (Bruno, more on him later)... and i got a lot of nice pics... well, i thought they were nice so poo on you...
to the side is a late day view over the marmara sea at a mosque
anyway, i will post details about each day if i dont fall asleep while writing them next time i try


Xoxide Forum Network - If WW2 were an RTS game

Xoxide Forum Network - If WW2 were an RTS game
*Hitler[AoE] has joined the game.*
*Eisenhower has joined the game.*
*paTTon has joined the game.*
*Churchill has joined the game.*
*benny-tow has joined the game.*
*T0J0 has joined the game.*
*Roosevelt has joined the game.*
*Stalin has joined the game.*
*deGaulle has joined the game.*
Roosevelt: hey sup
T0J0: y0
Stalin: hi
Churchill: hi
Hitler[AoE]: cool, I start with panzer tanks!
paTTon: lol more like panzy tanks
Roosevelt: o this fockin sucks I got a depression!
benny-tow: haha America sux
Stalin: hey Hitler you dont fight me I don't fight u, cool?
Hitler[AoE]; sure whatever
Stalin: cool
deGaulle: **** Hitler rushed some1 help
Hitler[AoE]: LOL byebye frenchy
Roosevelt: I don't got **** to help, sry
Churchill: wtf the luftwaffle is attacking me
Roosevelt: get antiair guns
Churchill: I cant afford them
benny-tow: u n00bs know what team talk is?
paTTon: stfu
Roosevelt: o yah hit the navajo button guys
deGaulle: Eisenhower ur worthless come help me quick
Eisenhower: I cant do **** til Roosevelt gives me an army
paTTon: yah hurry the fock up
Churchill: d00d im gettin pounded
deGaulle: this is fockin weak u guys suck
*deGaulle has left the game.*
Roosevelt: im gonna attack the axis k?
benny-tow: with what? ur wheelchair?
benny-tow: LOL did u mess up ur legs AND ur head?
Hitler[AoE]: ROFLMAO
T0J0: LOL o no America im comin 4 u
Roosevelt: wtf! That's bullsh1t u fags im gunna kick ur asses
T0JO: not without ur harbors u wont! LOL
Roosevelt: u little biotch ill get u
Hitler[AoE]: wtf
Hitler[AoE]: America hax, u had depression and now u got a huge fockin army
Hitler[AoE]: that's bullsh1t u hacker
Churchill: LOL no more France for u Hitler
Hitler[AoE]: tojo help me!
T0J0: wtf u want me to do, im on the other side of the world retard
Hitler[AoE]: fine ill clear you a path
Stalin: WTF u arsshoel! WE HAD A FoCKIN TRUCE
Hitler[AoE]: I changed my mind LOL
benny-tow: haha
benny-tow: hey ur losing ur guys in Africa im gonna need help in italy soon sum1
T0J0: o **** I cant help u I got my hands full
Hitler[AoE]: im 2 busy 2 help
Roosevelt: yah thats right ***** im comin for ya
Stalin: church help me
Churchill: like u helped me before? sure ill just sit here
Stalin: don't be an arss
Churchill: don't be a commie. Oops too late
Eisenhower: LOL
benny-tow: hahahh oh sh1t help
Hitler: o man ur focked
paTTon: oh what now biotch
Roosevelt: whos the cripple now LOL
*benny-tow has been eliminated.*
benny-tow: lame
Roosevelt: gj patton
paTTon: thnx
Hitler[AoE]: WTF Eisenhower hax hes killing all my sh1t
Hitler[AoE]: quit u hacker so u don't ruin my record
Eisenhower: Nuts!
benny~tow: wtf that mean?
Eisenhower: meant to say nutsack LOL finger slipped
paTTon: coming to get u hitler u paper hanging Hun cocksocker
Stalin: rofl
Hitler[AoE]: u guys are fockin gay
Hitler[AoE]: ur never getting in my city
*Hitler[AoE] has been eliminated.*
benny~tow: OMG u noob you killed yourself
Eisenhower: ROFLOLOLOL
Stalin: OMG LMAO!
Hitler[AoE]: WTF I didnt click there OMG this game blows
*Hitler[AoE] has left the game*
paTTon: hahahhah
T0J0: WTF my teammates are n00bs
benny~tow: shut up noob
Roosevelt: haha wut a moron
paTTon: wtf am I gunna do now?
Eisenhower: yah me too
T0J0: why don't u attack me o thats right u don't got no ships lololol
Eisenhower: fock u
paTTon: lemme go thru ur base commie
Stalin: go to hell LOL
paTTon: fock this sh1t im goin afk
Eisenhower: yah this is gay
*Roosevelt has left the game.*
Hitler[AoE]: wtf?
Eisenhower: sh1t now we need some1 to join
*tru_m4n has joined the game.*
tru_m4n: hi all
T0J0: hey
Stalin: sup
Churchill: hi
tru_m4n: OMG OMG OMG I got all his stuff!
tru_m4n: NUKES! HOLY **** I GOT NUKES
Stalin: d00d gimmie some plz
tru_m4n: no way I only got like a couple
Stalin: OMG don't be gay gimmie nuclear secrets
T0J0: wtf is nukes?
T0J0: holy ****holy****hoyl****!
*T0J0 has been eliminated.*
*The Allied team has won the game!*
Eisenhower: awesome!
Churchill: gg noobs no re
T0J0: that's bull**** u fockin suck
*T0J0 has left the game.*
*Eisenhower has left the game.*
Stalin: next game im not going to be on ur team, u guys didnt help me for ****
Churchill: wutever, we didnt need ur help neway dumbarss
tru_m4n: l8r all
benny~tow: bye
Churchill: l8r
Stalin: fock u all
tru_m4n: shut up commie LOL
*tru_m4n has left the game.*
benny~tow: lololol u commie
Churchill: ROFL
Churchill: bye commie
*Churchill has left the game.*
*benny~tow has left the game.*
Stalin: I hate u all fags
*Stalin has left the game.*
paTTon: LOL no1 is left
paTTon: weeeee I got a jeep
*paTTon has been eliminated.*
paTTon: o sh1t!
*paTTon has left the game.*


A Holiday, I Guess

An end to the bad weekend, but a start to next week.
Only Thursday and Friday were holidays and weekends to me.
That's ofcourse when I was with my lover and we held each other dearly. Hehe, I love my Bahar and am so glad I got to see her and cuddle for hours. I like her new summer room mate, but not the room itself. The rew room is icky with a different layout and somehow it's not as homly, but her room mate helps. Pauline is so kind and nice to be with, i am so glad Michelle was randomly assigned to room with her. Oh, then later Doug (Michelle's old advisor, from the other dorm) spied on us form the window and paid a visit, lol. OOOO, and i locked us out of the room... figures... im retarded.
Staurday, Vijays birthday party: indian music, lots of dancing, me = bored. Hey, atleast i took a lot of pics, look for those here soon.
Sunday and Monday, boring days did almost nothing... well, i did find a 6 year old shirt with a flag on it that still fits. "Old Navy '99, the last summer of the century." I won it from either nickelodeon or disney by calling in, I remember that much. Went to In-n-Out and then watched fireworks on Crenchaw right after Sepulveda. Took some pics and video, but for the most part there was too much fog and the pictures thus were horrible.


Report Cards Out... AHHHH

i passed 10th grade!

Course NameTeacher NameGrade LetterGrade Points
Chemistry 1 Honors BJoe CarrierA4.2
Web Page Production BLeanne TwidwellA4
Photography 1 BClayton FogleB3
Spanish 3 BDebora PressonB3
Algebra 2 BJohn HocuttA4
PE BMike LiebigA4*
English 2 BBetsy AndersenA4
Grade Point AverageSemester 2B<A3.7
*-Not Counted On Academic GPA

Overal GPA I think is somewhere around there


Day 1 Finals

Ok, so I decided it's gonna be a while before I get my back-blogs up if I ever do, so I'm starting anew till then!
Today was 0 period finals (7AM-9AM), oh joy!
  • I had Chemistry Final which really rather sucked.
  • I had spent all night working on a Spanish project and photography write up, and barely had time to study.
  • I was totally unprepared for the final... I'd be surprised if I got a B on it.
  • And the teacher doesn't scale.... So it doesn't mater what the best score was... And it was all fill in the blank, so there's a HUGE chance for errors...

    since sig. figs. count and this way there was no way to guess... u either know it or not and have no 1 in 4 chance of being right

Also in exciting events today: I turned in my photo write up and Spanish project... the Spanish thing due weeks ago, and the write up due a full 2 quarters ago.
Wow I'm horrible at timeliness...

My Weekend... ROCKED

MICHELLE!!!! My Dearest Bahar!!!!!!!
hehehehehe, omg, I'm in love with her... and fell in love all over again
  • Ok, so we went to dinner at a nice restaurant (Thaifoon)
    • tasting tower
    • chocolate volcano
    • OMFG, IT WAS GREAT... and sorta romantic as it was "candle" lit
  • Walked thru fashion center at night... oooo ;-)
  • sleep ;-)
  • cross dressing and laundry (note: panties aren't meant for men)
  • in-n-out
  • :-( back home


a WTF is going on dream

ok... so last night some time, this is a dream i had.
nightmare... heh
Chaz and I were in my garage, and these ppl in black started running toward us. We ran inside and cloed the door, locked it, and ran to my moms bathrooom, as it was the darkest room in the house. There we used our cell phones and tried to dial 911, but kept getting error messages. We snuk to my bedroom, where i used my old cell phone to call 911 and got put on hold after telling them my house was being broken in. It ended there, i got so scared. heh, freak i am.


well i fucked up...

my english project is due in but 16 hours... and im just restarting the essay portion, not to mention the game portion
ive finally cracked and bitten my nails... one piece of my nail was bugging me and i was looking for the filer but couldnt find it, got more pissed off, came back to work, and inadvertantly bit it clean.... argh
and i still cant find the god damn file, cuz i need to file it down or i know i'll bite again... ARGH, fucking screwed myself
and i keep making it worse

Yo Estoy Un Dumb Ass

I know, im way god damn behind on my blog... this weekend (Sunday more than likely) i will devote time to catching up, I promise!
As for today...
I went to bed after giving up on my english paper thingy for my book review, i just couldnt concentrate... so i went to bed meaning to get up at 5 and finish it... 6:30 i get up
the book review project is due tomorrow so im fucked...
in other news, Chris Wible and I got the penhi forum back online, now at http://pvphs.net
not really much else interesting today...
o, wait, I tried Taco Bell fire sauce on pretzel and water melon, mmmm delicious
id still preffer eating my Michelle... eating her all up, keeping as mine
i love her... :-) :-)


Ok, Ok, So I Haven't Kept Up

nag nag nag blah blah blah... people (1 person in particular) are saying I havent posted in weeks and want me to post... so here it goes!
Posts after March 17th and till today are all new and just say the day they happened to be less confusing. heh yea... so new posts coming, dont complain


Hamburgers to Headaches

My mom brings food... lots of food... from the doctors lounges or meetings, ugh i think im sick cuz of it
I have a headache and tummy ache now... bleh
Pic Taken April 12 2005 at 4:10 PM Posted by Hello


Tom... a real friend

so i loaned tom halo 2 (he got an xbox) and then i went to his house later... his mom gave me food and the entire time tom was up in his room, as seen here, playing halo 2 leaving me alone. his mom got mad and finally made him come down and talk to me/watch tv and ignore me more. yep, never lettting him borrow a game again. (note: my phone gets no service down there, thats why i couldnt talk to u my bahar) Posted by Hello

Solemn Birdy - Neck Stretch

my bird solemnly stares out into the ocean... an attempt at a silhouette but it kinda didnt work cuz the sun had been covered by then. Posted by Hello

bird stretching his neck too Posted by Hello


its a GIANT... well, actually its a tall retard about to fall and crush me... stupid parhum Posted by Hello


Sports... HELL NAW

Panda Express Fortune Cookie... "Participaion in sports may lead you to a lucrative career."
uh, sure, I did run a touchdown today and quite a few yards other times, but Im not an athlete, just a runner. Retards... anywayPosted by Hello

    In Other News:
  • Monday:
    • Carrier fucked us for the ACS test... he said 0 period would take it Thursday durring the almost 2 hour long period, and review for it Wednesday.
      Well isn't that peachy, we didn't have 0 period Tuesday or Wednesday cuz of the exit exams. So who knows wtf is gonna happen tomorrow, ugh. Atleast we get extra credit just for taking the test, cuz I know I won't do well.

    • Fogle wants me to make him a website... oh boy, fun... hopefully it'll help me get on his good side, cuz he really seems to despise me... and Chaz.
      Well, this is gonna be a BIG project if it does happen, cuz he wants it to be dynamic and interactive... which means lots work on my part. I just hope he's good at thinking up a layout, cuz I am creatively challanged.

  • Tuesday:
    • Exit Exam, AHHHHHHHHH. Hehe, naw, I got to sleep in later than usual, and I woke up without an alarm and took a shower and ate ommlete.... mmm
      Exit exam sucked, I had my spanish teacher as the person who gives out the test, funny cuz she spoke english w/o a spanish accent, which doesn't happen in class.
      Today was the english portion of the exam, some tricky questions and an essay.
      Essay prompt: Ethnobotany and how it affected Dr. Sandra Banack's outlook
      I wrote 5 paragraphs, yay!

    • Only 3 longer than usual classes... yay. Heh, I developed Parhum's film again, its as if he can't do it himself.

    • This night was funny... I was reading Angels & Demons in bed at around 7:30, dozed off by 8 im guessing, and woke up again at 11 cuz my phone was being IMed. Strange-ish

  • Wednesday (Today):
    • Exit Exam yet again, math section. It was a little challanging as i had forgotten almost everything I learnt ever (thanks to Hocutt). It wasn't as dificult as the practice booklet, PHEW... so im pretty sure I passed both sections.

    • As above, I ran a touchdown in PE... oh, and in English we're all fucked, Andersen is testing us on the movie version of Macbeth.

    • Sadly I broke my spree of not biting nails today at 8:05 AM while taking the exit exam :-( almost 3 weeks

    • Bahar, I missed u so much today!!!!!! @>--------
      I love u.


Rose Of Mine No More

¿por quĂ©?

Bahar lo tiene para nuestro aniversario de un mes.

if u dont speak spanish, good.

she kinda beat me to my plan by saying it first, and so i ruined my surprise by telling her, o well... atleast she has my rose now:-)


A Pink Rose... 4 u

I my Bahar

(its a pink rose that i put in water and have in my room now... hehe)Posted by Hello

Say w00t...

my new cellphone background. Love <3 Posted by Hello

Hehe, good week... school didnt ruin it totally, altho it usually does

Wednesday: Bahar visited and we attempted to watch Silence of the Lambs in my room... it didnt really turn out to work how we had planned
Friday: i met the tiny turtle named G-Unit and left him in my house. Chod Bahar and I went to Claim Jumpers... poor chod only had pizza :-(. Then we saw Hitch... once again, sorry Chod :-(
then hot action in the car :-P ;-)

fucking razor burn :-\ one or more of u will get the joke... lmfao, well, only one of you Posted by Hello


How was your day?

i studied the wrong chapter for the chemistry quiz and failed, got yelled at by Twid in web, messed up printing in photography, got bored in spanish, and confused in math. Then we played football in pe and watched macbeth in english.

my day sucked, wouldnt u say?

no, i loved my day!
cuz i got to talk to my bahar at lunch and before english
did i mention i love my bahar?
well, incase i didnt... I LOVE MY BAHAR!


The Last Two Weeks... fun fridays

wow, i havent blogged in a WHILE....
    Quick Recap:
  • School sucked (ALWAYS)
  • Slept over at the dorm again (Feb 25)
  • Went to the movies (Mar 4)
  • Notorious Activities (Mar 5)
so friday the 25 there was the breast cancer walk... which came by my house so i ditched. Dad took me to UCI but we got lost cuz of the directions... we left home at 3, got on the freeway at 4 (pv drive north was hell), and got to her dorm at like 6. Well, we missed the movie so we ate then watched DVDs then slept.... boring huh *cough*.
hehe, i left a surprise and got a surprise

then last friday went to see the Aviator, actually quite interesting unlike what i had expected. I honestly didnt know who Howard Hugh was till then, so i learned a bit. Unluckily there were old folk all around in the theater and they sat next to us, so we moved to an uncomfortable set of seats. Bah, damn old ppl... lol

later that night, well, actually early saturday morning a car was borrowed... but all i can say here is that it wasn't a happy ending.

anyway, those are the highlights of my last 2 weeks... more pictures coming soon!


Baskin Robins

Free icecream from baskin robins, courtesy of Yahoo! for their 10th birthday. Was only a tiny scoop :-heh, picture wasnt in focus or anything cuz i had to hurry snap a pic and run to carpool. Posted by Hello


bah humbug....

pamela martha focker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ugh, dad didnt wake up, and thus didnt wake me up making me and my carpool late to school :-(
sorry Raymond
I dont fucking care what he says now, I am not turning my alarm off just because he finds it annoying...
garhg, retarded dad

:-( sorry raymond



My first In-N-Out in atleast a year!!!
My carpool gave it to me... wow, nice carpool huh Posted by Hello


Of Life and Wishes

life sucks
life has sucked
life will suck
just not where you want it to

i am what i wish i was not
i wish i was not what i am
i wish for that which i can never be
i am that which i shall never dream of

written by accident... heh, I was talking to daniel on AIM (rarity as i usually block him), and by accident what I said came out like this... so I threw my lines together and heres what I got.
obviously I wasn't in a good mood... I would discuss why, but if I did, the person that caused it would read this and I dont want them to know this.