Tom... a real friend

so i loaned tom halo 2 (he got an xbox) and then i went to his house later... his mom gave me food and the entire time tom was up in his room, as seen here, playing halo 2 leaving me alone. his mom got mad and finally made him come down and talk to me/watch tv and ignore me more. yep, never lettting him borrow a game again. (note: my phone gets no service down there, thats why i couldnt talk to u my bahar) Posted by Hello

Solemn Birdy - Neck Stretch

my bird solemnly stares out into the ocean... an attempt at a silhouette but it kinda didnt work cuz the sun had been covered by then. Posted by Hello

bird stretching his neck too Posted by Hello


its a GIANT... well, actually its a tall retard about to fall and crush me... stupid parhum Posted by Hello


Sports... HELL NAW

Panda Express Fortune Cookie... "Participaion in sports may lead you to a lucrative career."
uh, sure, I did run a touchdown today and quite a few yards other times, but Im not an athlete, just a runner. Retards... anywayPosted by Hello

    In Other News:
  • Monday:
    • Carrier fucked us for the ACS test... he said 0 period would take it Thursday durring the almost 2 hour long period, and review for it Wednesday.
      Well isn't that peachy, we didn't have 0 period Tuesday or Wednesday cuz of the exit exams. So who knows wtf is gonna happen tomorrow, ugh. Atleast we get extra credit just for taking the test, cuz I know I won't do well.

    • Fogle wants me to make him a website... oh boy, fun... hopefully it'll help me get on his good side, cuz he really seems to despise me... and Chaz.
      Well, this is gonna be a BIG project if it does happen, cuz he wants it to be dynamic and interactive... which means lots work on my part. I just hope he's good at thinking up a layout, cuz I am creatively challanged.

  • Tuesday:
    • Exit Exam, AHHHHHHHHH. Hehe, naw, I got to sleep in later than usual, and I woke up without an alarm and took a shower and ate ommlete.... mmm
      Exit exam sucked, I had my spanish teacher as the person who gives out the test, funny cuz she spoke english w/o a spanish accent, which doesn't happen in class.
      Today was the english portion of the exam, some tricky questions and an essay.
      Essay prompt: Ethnobotany and how it affected Dr. Sandra Banack's outlook
      I wrote 5 paragraphs, yay!

    • Only 3 longer than usual classes... yay. Heh, I developed Parhum's film again, its as if he can't do it himself.

    • This night was funny... I was reading Angels & Demons in bed at around 7:30, dozed off by 8 im guessing, and woke up again at 11 cuz my phone was being IMed. Strange-ish

  • Wednesday (Today):
    • Exit Exam yet again, math section. It was a little challanging as i had forgotten almost everything I learnt ever (thanks to Hocutt). It wasn't as dificult as the practice booklet, PHEW... so im pretty sure I passed both sections.

    • As above, I ran a touchdown in PE... oh, and in English we're all fucked, Andersen is testing us on the movie version of Macbeth.

    • Sadly I broke my spree of not biting nails today at 8:05 AM while taking the exit exam :-( almost 3 weeks

    • Bahar, I missed u so much today!!!!!! @>--------
      I love u.


Rose Of Mine No More

¿por quĂ©?

Bahar lo tiene para nuestro aniversario de un mes.

if u dont speak spanish, good.

she kinda beat me to my plan by saying it first, and so i ruined my surprise by telling her, o well... atleast she has my rose now:-)


A Pink Rose... 4 u

I my Bahar

(its a pink rose that i put in water and have in my room now... hehe)Posted by Hello

Say w00t...

my new cellphone background. Love <3 Posted by Hello

Hehe, good week... school didnt ruin it totally, altho it usually does

Wednesday: Bahar visited and we attempted to watch Silence of the Lambs in my room... it didnt really turn out to work how we had planned
Friday: i met the tiny turtle named G-Unit and left him in my house. Chod Bahar and I went to Claim Jumpers... poor chod only had pizza :-(. Then we saw Hitch... once again, sorry Chod :-(
then hot action in the car :-P ;-)

fucking razor burn :-\ one or more of u will get the joke... lmfao, well, only one of you Posted by Hello


How was your day?

i studied the wrong chapter for the chemistry quiz and failed, got yelled at by Twid in web, messed up printing in photography, got bored in spanish, and confused in math. Then we played football in pe and watched macbeth in english.

my day sucked, wouldnt u say?

no, i loved my day!
cuz i got to talk to my bahar at lunch and before english
did i mention i love my bahar?
well, incase i didnt... I LOVE MY BAHAR!


The Last Two Weeks... fun fridays

wow, i havent blogged in a WHILE....
    Quick Recap:
  • School sucked (ALWAYS)
  • Slept over at the dorm again (Feb 25)
  • Went to the movies (Mar 4)
  • Notorious Activities (Mar 5)
so friday the 25 there was the breast cancer walk... which came by my house so i ditched. Dad took me to UCI but we got lost cuz of the directions... we left home at 3, got on the freeway at 4 (pv drive north was hell), and got to her dorm at like 6. Well, we missed the movie so we ate then watched DVDs then slept.... boring huh *cough*.
hehe, i left a surprise and got a surprise

then last friday went to see the Aviator, actually quite interesting unlike what i had expected. I honestly didnt know who Howard Hugh was till then, so i learned a bit. Unluckily there were old folk all around in the theater and they sat next to us, so we moved to an uncomfortable set of seats. Bah, damn old ppl... lol

later that night, well, actually early saturday morning a car was borrowed... but all i can say here is that it wasn't a happy ending.

anyway, those are the highlights of my last 2 weeks... more pictures coming soon!


Baskin Robins

Free icecream from baskin robins, courtesy of Yahoo! for their 10th birthday. Was only a tiny scoop :-heh, picture wasnt in focus or anything cuz i had to hurry snap a pic and run to carpool. Posted by Hello