Sports... HELL NAW

Panda Express Fortune Cookie... "Participaion in sports may lead you to a lucrative career."
uh, sure, I did run a touchdown today and quite a few yards other times, but Im not an athlete, just a runner. Retards... anywayPosted by Hello

    In Other News:
  • Monday:
    • Carrier fucked us for the ACS test... he said 0 period would take it Thursday durring the almost 2 hour long period, and review for it Wednesday.
      Well isn't that peachy, we didn't have 0 period Tuesday or Wednesday cuz of the exit exams. So who knows wtf is gonna happen tomorrow, ugh. Atleast we get extra credit just for taking the test, cuz I know I won't do well.

    • Fogle wants me to make him a website... oh boy, fun... hopefully it'll help me get on his good side, cuz he really seems to despise me... and Chaz.
      Well, this is gonna be a BIG project if it does happen, cuz he wants it to be dynamic and interactive... which means lots work on my part. I just hope he's good at thinking up a layout, cuz I am creatively challanged.

  • Tuesday:
    • Exit Exam, AHHHHHHHHH. Hehe, naw, I got to sleep in later than usual, and I woke up without an alarm and took a shower and ate ommlete.... mmm
      Exit exam sucked, I had my spanish teacher as the person who gives out the test, funny cuz she spoke english w/o a spanish accent, which doesn't happen in class.
      Today was the english portion of the exam, some tricky questions and an essay.
      Essay prompt: Ethnobotany and how it affected Dr. Sandra Banack's outlook
      I wrote 5 paragraphs, yay!

    • Only 3 longer than usual classes... yay. Heh, I developed Parhum's film again, its as if he can't do it himself.

    • This night was funny... I was reading Angels & Demons in bed at around 7:30, dozed off by 8 im guessing, and woke up again at 11 cuz my phone was being IMed. Strange-ish

  • Wednesday (Today):
    • Exit Exam yet again, math section. It was a little challanging as i had forgotten almost everything I learnt ever (thanks to Hocutt). It wasn't as dificult as the practice booklet, PHEW... so im pretty sure I passed both sections.

    • As above, I ran a touchdown in PE... oh, and in English we're all fucked, Andersen is testing us on the movie version of Macbeth.

    • Sadly I broke my spree of not biting nails today at 8:05 AM while taking the exit exam :-( almost 3 weeks

    • Bahar, I missed u so much today!!!!!! @>--------
      I love u.


  1. Hurry up and update ur blog! Mr. Lazy! I need to know what ur up to :-P So I can keep tabs on u...lol (oh yeah ;-) ) <3