Halloween... bring the old back to life

haloween... AHHHHH
my costume... reliving last years halloween when I had the accident
heh... some how I still use the same helmet to ride my bike
it didnt get broken, I did
oh, and my mom saved the shirt and pants I was wearing when I crashed
and the neck brace
:-\ Posted by Hello

A Happily Wed Coupple...

parhum... in HIS costume... er wife? Sex in 5th period PE... HAWT Posted by Hello


Who Are They??? Hmm...

Tom stole my camera and took it to school with him... he got the lense fucked up and promised sexy ass shots and other good stuff and this is all I got... man, I dont even know who these two girls are. If u know them, comment on this and gimme their #'s lol Posted by Hello


Tari and Casper

whos the hottie???? hehe... NO, not the girl.. the dog ofcourse. well, ok, maybe shes hot too. Posted by Hello


Stray Dog... smelled of skunk

stray dog followed me home from chodys place... smelled like a skunk and was too ... cheery? anyway, i called the animal control, sorry dog. Posted by Hello