The Chod.... Likes Fags

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the chod... and only the chod is heard in this entry
lol, bitch callin me a fag... when HES the one that gave me HIS belt for a whippin'
haha, also, if im a fag, and hes my best friend... HE LIKES FAGS

At Chod's for My Bday...

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man, iunno why, maybe i was thirsty, my voice was like weird in this one.
lol, stupid chod didnt realize it was recording him... haha
DOOOD... only like an hour left till im 16


NOOOOO... Lost Tv

ugh, the storms knocked out our satelite tv... can u say BOREDOM
the storms also flooded our patio room, and acording to google news killed a lot of ppl. Including 16 campers caught in a mud slide... who camps in a storm...????!!!! Posted by Hello


Coach, from Cheers

aw, I was just watching cheers...
u've got to feel sorry for ernie pantoza (no clue how to spell it, so i'll just call him coach)
Coach was trying to get volunteers to help out with the minor league games
drivers, coaches, refs and the likes
and by the end of his list, he had to put himself down for every single thing
then he said "ok the meetings at my house at 8 PM, try not to be late"
i felt sooooo sorry for him ... wow, i did?
picture credit Cheers & BeckerPosted by Hello

Winter Break

so far ive done....
talking on the phone, went to seans house, more talking on the phone, and ofcourse normal stuff on my computer.
Anything exciting:
on the way to seans house, dad and i stopped in a lil shopping area and i became sure... he cant drive. My dad came to a complete stop before each TINY speed bump, and BLEW thru ALL stop signs. ok, so, at seans house on christmas eve we watched stargate sg-1 season 2 episodes 1 2 & 3, lol
he got the boxed set as a present. then we ate dinner and it was reallly good ham... well, it might have seemed good cuz i never had ham before.
then we watched part of the collateral which i wanted to see in theaters (but my parents, of course, wouldnt let me)
christmas day, i got so bored all day that at 10 pm i decided to buy myself a present, and i gave myself a better cell phone plan... 400 minutes, free nights & weekends. better than 80 minutes total ONLY... which i burnt thru in a week when i first got my phone


Merry Christmas... Ho Ho Ho.

merry christmas... he gets presents and i dont.... :'( (chaz's tree and presents and stuff... lucky huh? pic by chaz) Posted by Hello

Chaz's Desk

Chaz's desk... after a sleepover at is place.
wow, my desk is... DESKS ARE a LOT messier
his laptop in the left corner, batery cooler in the center, charger next to the printer, and my cell phone charging... lol why he took the pic i dunno Posted by Hello

Justin Being a Lil' Fucker

justin (chaz's step bro) drinking something hes not supposed to have... (chazs parents dont let them drink anything w/o asking first, gay huh?) Posted by Hello


Me and My Dad

me and my dad :-D (hehe, the tripod works... just a lil lopsided from when chaz wheeled into it) Posted by Hello


Disturbing Class Competition

boy and girl swap clothes and do some rally thing... iunno, lol

man, hes got MAN boobs Posted by Hello

HE HAS CLEAVAGE.... EIIIIIW lmfao Posted by Hello


OOO, Pep Squad... MMM, Sexy

SHAKE IT RIGHT... hehe, pep squad at the pep rally Posted by Hello

Equestrian Pep Rally Thing

Courtney on the left in blue sweatshirt, Caitlyn next to her, then i dunno who, then Lydia on the right (hah, i know names, i feel special, lol) and i dont know the ppl on the left Posted by Hello