Chaz Wants to Cum

chaz, intent on cumming in photo class, LMFAO Posted by Hello

same day, just taken by courtney in back and white... lol, those two love birds Posted by Hello


My Starwars Movie Adventure

ok ok, some ppl been complaining, so I finally watch a starwars movie... happy?
tom and i watched it on our way back from arrow head after missing the day of school, lolPosted by Hello

Freezing in Style

under a ton of snow in lake arrow head (tom buried me and took the pic) with the hooters hat! also missing a day of school, lol, GREAT Posted by Hello

Tom And His Puppy

retarded tom with his retarded HUGE puppy dog... yea, thats a PUPPY Posted by Hello

After So Much Shoveling

man, how could it snow this much over night? Posted by Hello


Over One Night.... WOW

went from sunny and cool to THIS.... OVER NIGHT... hence why we were snowed in at arrow head Posted by Hello


News Van by Pen Hi... why?

news van infront of my school... well, a bank across the street from my school. Said they were covering the G5 theft story... old news Posted by Hello


My Fortunate Fortune :-)

my fortune cookie... funny thing is i opened it when talking to some hot chick on the phone.. hmm, good news thinks me Posted by Hello