J! Archive

Ok this is cray, all Jeopardy! episode questions, answers, and scores are displayed. Wow, people took the time... amazing and also great place to find random facts

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PVPHS.COM Administrator -- v4.0a (Beta)

I am remaking the entire school site, tell me what you think of the design.

The link is to the backend administrator, as I will work on it before the actual site.

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The Server Project

My latest site, still under construction. This is a collaboration between me and Ride. Ride came up with the idea and layout, i churned out the functional PHP code.

The Server Project started many months ago when Ride aquired 3 professional but old servers. The objective was to utilize the servers, find out what makes the WWW work, and the likes.

TSP continued when I built my own server and started configuring it and learning such things as DNS, SSH, and C++.

This site is to summaries all of our troubles and help others who need help with their servers!

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