well i fucked up...

my english project is due in but 16 hours... and im just restarting the essay portion, not to mention the game portion
ive finally cracked and bitten my nails... one piece of my nail was bugging me and i was looking for the filer but couldnt find it, got more pissed off, came back to work, and inadvertantly bit it clean.... argh
and i still cant find the god damn file, cuz i need to file it down or i know i'll bite again... ARGH, fucking screwed myself
and i keep making it worse

Yo Estoy Un Dumb Ass

I know, im way god damn behind on my blog... this weekend (Sunday more than likely) i will devote time to catching up, I promise!
As for today...
I went to bed after giving up on my english paper thingy for my book review, i just couldnt concentrate... so i went to bed meaning to get up at 5 and finish it... 6:30 i get up
the book review project is due tomorrow so im fucked...
in other news, Chris Wible and I got the penhi forum back online, now at http://pvphs.net
not really much else interesting today...
o, wait, I tried Taco Bell fire sauce on pretzel and water melon, mmmm delicious
id still preffer eating my Michelle... eating her all up, keeping as mine
i love her... :-) :-)