Yo Estoy Un Dumb Ass

I know, im way god damn behind on my blog... this weekend (Sunday more than likely) i will devote time to catching up, I promise!
As for today...
I went to bed after giving up on my english paper thingy for my book review, i just couldnt concentrate... so i went to bed meaning to get up at 5 and finish it... 6:30 i get up
the book review project is due tomorrow so im fucked...
in other news, Chris Wible and I got the penhi forum back online, now at http://pvphs.net
not really much else interesting today...
o, wait, I tried Taco Bell fire sauce on pretzel and water melon, mmmm delicious
id still preffer eating my Michelle... eating her all up, keeping as mine
i love her... :-) :-)

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