Report Cards Out... AHHHH

i passed 10th grade!

Course NameTeacher NameGrade LetterGrade Points
Chemistry 1 Honors BJoe CarrierA4.2
Web Page Production BLeanne TwidwellA4
Photography 1 BClayton FogleB3
Spanish 3 BDebora PressonB3
Algebra 2 BJohn HocuttA4
PE BMike LiebigA4*
English 2 BBetsy AndersenA4
Grade Point AverageSemester 2B<A3.7
*-Not Counted On Academic GPA

Overal GPA I think is somewhere around there


Day 1 Finals

Ok, so I decided it's gonna be a while before I get my back-blogs up if I ever do, so I'm starting anew till then!
Today was 0 period finals (7AM-9AM), oh joy!
  • I had Chemistry Final which really rather sucked.
  • I had spent all night working on a Spanish project and photography write up, and barely had time to study.
  • I was totally unprepared for the final... I'd be surprised if I got a B on it.
  • And the teacher doesn't scale.... So it doesn't mater what the best score was... And it was all fill in the blank, so there's a HUGE chance for errors...

    since sig. figs. count and this way there was no way to guess... u either know it or not and have no 1 in 4 chance of being right

Also in exciting events today: I turned in my photo write up and Spanish project... the Spanish thing due weeks ago, and the write up due a full 2 quarters ago.
Wow I'm horrible at timeliness...

My Weekend... ROCKED

MICHELLE!!!! My Dearest Bahar!!!!!!!
hehehehehe, omg, I'm in love with her... and fell in love all over again
  • Ok, so we went to dinner at a nice restaurant (Thaifoon)
    • tasting tower
    • chocolate volcano
    • OMFG, IT WAS GREAT... and sorta romantic as it was "candle" lit
  • Walked thru fashion center at night... oooo ;-)
  • sleep ;-)
  • cross dressing and laundry (note: panties aren't meant for men)
  • in-n-out
  • :-( back home


a WTF is going on dream

ok... so last night some time, this is a dream i had.
nightmare... heh
Chaz and I were in my garage, and these ppl in black started running toward us. We ran inside and cloed the door, locked it, and ran to my moms bathrooom, as it was the darkest room in the house. There we used our cell phones and tried to dial 911, but kept getting error messages. We snuk to my bedroom, where i used my old cell phone to call 911 and got put on hold after telling them my house was being broken in. It ended there, i got so scared. heh, freak i am.