Day 1 Finals

Ok, so I decided it's gonna be a while before I get my back-blogs up if I ever do, so I'm starting anew till then!
Today was 0 period finals (7AM-9AM), oh joy!
  • I had Chemistry Final which really rather sucked.
  • I had spent all night working on a Spanish project and photography write up, and barely had time to study.
  • I was totally unprepared for the final... I'd be surprised if I got a B on it.
  • And the teacher doesn't scale.... So it doesn't mater what the best score was... And it was all fill in the blank, so there's a HUGE chance for errors...

    since sig. figs. count and this way there was no way to guess... u either know it or not and have no 1 in 4 chance of being right

Also in exciting events today: I turned in my photo write up and Spanish project... the Spanish thing due weeks ago, and the write up due a full 2 quarters ago.
Wow I'm horrible at timeliness...

My Weekend... ROCKED

MICHELLE!!!! My Dearest Bahar!!!!!!!
hehehehehe, omg, I'm in love with her... and fell in love all over again
  • Ok, so we went to dinner at a nice restaurant (Thaifoon)
    • tasting tower
    • chocolate volcano
    • OMFG, IT WAS GREAT... and sorta romantic as it was "candle" lit
  • Walked thru fashion center at night... oooo ;-)
  • sleep ;-)
  • cross dressing and laundry (note: panties aren't meant for men)
  • in-n-out
  • :-( back home

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