Winter Break

so far ive done....
talking on the phone, went to seans house, more talking on the phone, and ofcourse normal stuff on my computer.
Anything exciting:
on the way to seans house, dad and i stopped in a lil shopping area and i became sure... he cant drive. My dad came to a complete stop before each TINY speed bump, and BLEW thru ALL stop signs. ok, so, at seans house on christmas eve we watched stargate sg-1 season 2 episodes 1 2 & 3, lol
he got the boxed set as a present. then we ate dinner and it was reallly good ham... well, it might have seemed good cuz i never had ham before.
then we watched part of the collateral which i wanted to see in theaters (but my parents, of course, wouldnt let me)
christmas day, i got so bored all day that at 10 pm i decided to buy myself a present, and i gave myself a better cell phone plan... 400 minutes, free nights & weekends. better than 80 minutes total ONLY... which i burnt thru in a week when i first got my phone

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