Say w00t...

my new cellphone background. Love <3 Posted by Hello

Hehe, good week... school didnt ruin it totally, altho it usually does

Wednesday: Bahar visited and we attempted to watch Silence of the Lambs in my room... it didnt really turn out to work how we had planned
Friday: i met the tiny turtle named G-Unit and left him in my house. Chod Bahar and I went to Claim Jumpers... poor chod only had pizza :-(. Then we saw Hitch... once again, sorry Chod :-(
then hot action in the car :-P ;-)

fucking razor burn :-\ one or more of u will get the joke... lmfao, well, only one of you Posted by Hello


  1. Eeeeew to spider! Yay to us :) We look very handsome together, of course <3 :P

  2. actually I change my mind...we're sexy bitches!! lol, yes I should be committed to a mental institution :) <3