The Last Two Weeks... fun fridays

wow, i havent blogged in a WHILE....
    Quick Recap:
  • School sucked (ALWAYS)
  • Slept over at the dorm again (Feb 25)
  • Went to the movies (Mar 4)
  • Notorious Activities (Mar 5)
so friday the 25 there was the breast cancer walk... which came by my house so i ditched. Dad took me to UCI but we got lost cuz of the directions... we left home at 3, got on the freeway at 4 (pv drive north was hell), and got to her dorm at like 6. Well, we missed the movie so we ate then watched DVDs then slept.... boring huh *cough*.
hehe, i left a surprise and got a surprise

then last friday went to see the Aviator, actually quite interesting unlike what i had expected. I honestly didnt know who Howard Hugh was till then, so i learned a bit. Unluckily there were old folk all around in the theater and they sat next to us, so we moved to an uncomfortable set of seats. Bah, damn old ppl... lol

later that night, well, actually early saturday morning a car was borrowed... but all i can say here is that it wasn't a happy ending.

anyway, those are the highlights of my last 2 weeks... more pictures coming soon!

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