A Holiday, I Guess

An end to the bad weekend, but a start to next week.
Only Thursday and Friday were holidays and weekends to me.
That's ofcourse when I was with my lover and we held each other dearly. Hehe, I love my Bahar and am so glad I got to see her and cuddle for hours. I like her new summer room mate, but not the room itself. The rew room is icky with a different layout and somehow it's not as homly, but her room mate helps. Pauline is so kind and nice to be with, i am so glad Michelle was randomly assigned to room with her. Oh, then later Doug (Michelle's old advisor, from the other dorm) spied on us form the window and paid a visit, lol. OOOO, and i locked us out of the room... figures... im retarded.
Staurday, Vijays birthday party: indian music, lots of dancing, me = bored. Hey, atleast i took a lot of pics, look for those here soon.
Sunday and Monday, boring days did almost nothing... well, i did find a 6 year old shirt with a flag on it that still fits. "Old Navy '99, the last summer of the century." I won it from either nickelodeon or disney by calling in, I remember that much. Went to In-n-Out and then watched fireworks on Crenchaw right after Sepulveda. Took some pics and video, but for the most part there was too much fog and the pictures thus were horrible.

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  1. I demand an update!! Come on fool stop being so lazy old maurice! :-P