wow, that was amazing...
I was in my spanish class (3rd period) and having a pretty stupid day cuz I forgot my school stuff at home. Anyway, I was called out of class by a call slip to the counseling office so I left.
When I got there, I was sent back almost immediately for some reason. When i got back to the class room, the teacher, Ms. Presson ran out and blocked me from entering with a strange smile on her face and said something about staying outside (i cant remember exact words).
So I waited outside wondering if they were going over a test or something, till out came Ms. Presson again.
This time she asked what I was doing outside in the cold and let me in the room. By now I had seen something bright inside the class room and some ppl huddled up, and had kinda guessed what it was. But even though I knew what to expect, the event shocked me.
Inside, the class and Ms. Presson had a box of cupcakes and were singing "happy birthday" to me....
i was wowed... i mean, WOWED
i seriously didnt know what to do or anything, so i blew out the candles and went to my desk and sat down.
Dorenne, the senior behind me, told me that the teacher herself baked these cupcakes... which wowed me even more
the funny thing is, i really truly thought my spanish teacher hated me, which is now obviously wrong

also, today i got new clothes!!!
after school at target we got a jacket (xtra large cuz they only had that and xxl), shirts that DONT say UCLA, and 2 pants.

Overall: Good Day!!

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