Taco Bell, Fags, and a Belt

rode my bike to school with Stephan...
i got up late and forgot to put on a BELT, so as soon as we left my house im like "o fuck, im gonna regret this all day"
and i did... all day my pants were sagging WAY too low, and when biking the waist came to my knees.
After school he went to orthodontist, so I had to follow and wait
Then, we went to TACO BELL and ate stuff, topped with a LOT of fire sauce
Unluckily, while we were eatin, we over heard the conversations of lil freshmen near us
FAGS no doubt
There was mention of fun at one of their houses wih invitations for me and stephan, there was talk about giving head being fun,
and most disturbing: one of em had a girl friend.... (not bad? read on) and she has a dick.

yea, anyway

when i got home my pants were literaly at my feet... aw man

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